Showit Vs. WordPress: Choosing Between the Two for Your Website

May 4, 2021


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Showit Vs. WordPress: Choosing Between the Two for Your Website

Choosing the correct website platform is essential for the success of your business. There is no one-size-fits-all platform and that is really why there are several different options out there for you (this goes both for designers and clients). As a website designer, I work mainly on the Showit platform because that is what the majority of my clientele prefer according to their business needs. However, I do also offer WordPress web designing upon request. If you’re having trouble deciding which platform is best for your new business, don’t worry because we will cover all the pro’s and con’s of both platforms in this post. It may seem confusing without knowing much about either platform, but when you break it all down, the right option for you becomes quite obvious!

In this comparison between Show it and WordPress, I will be using terms such as domain, top-level-domain, website, and hosting. I understand not everyone knows what these terms mean so I’d like to define these before I get into the details of both platforms.

So for the sake of easy explaining, I will provide you with an analogy.

Image you are looking to rent an apartment…

The domain, also known as the web address is your apartment number. Think of this as the virtual address of your website or your apartment unit number in reality.
Top-Level Domain: This can be compared to the level your unit resides on! In the virtual word, you have options to choose from such as .com, .net, .edu .org, .gov, .us, .biz, and more.
Website: Think of this as your virtual home. Since the domain is your apartment number, the website is the inside of your apartment. In reality, no two apartment units look the same because we all decorate our homes differently according to our style and put our unique touches to make it feel like home. Now putting this into the online world, our websites also have unique flares depending on personal taste, so no two websites look the same – just like our homes don’t look the same.
Hosting: You purchase your hosting online in order for the website (your home) to show up live on the internet. So, the hosting can be compared landlord of the apartment complex. When you rent an apartment, a monthly rent needs to be paid otherwise you will face eviction. The same applies in the virtual world, you have to pay monthly (or yearly) rent to a hosting company or else your website will be booted from the Internet.

Ok, so now that we understand those terms…let’s get to the comparison!

The Pro’s of Using the Showit Platform


Showit Includes Web Hosting With all 3 Plan Options
Showit: What I really love about Showit is that hosting is included with all 3 package options. You don’t need to choose one hosting company and then connect it Showit to get to work. Nope! Once you sign-up, the back-end design platform will be available right away. As well, you have the option to either pay monthly or you can choose to be billed annually. However, Showit is not a domain registrar so the domain will need to be purchased from a separate registrar. If you require assistance on purchasing a domain, please click here. Also Includes Web Hosting With all 3 Plan Options
I’d like to pre-face this with the fact that we going to be focusing on only. If you didn’t know, WordPress has two separate options: and do offer their own hosting, however there are many creative limitations when it comes to the designing of your website. If you are looking for a multi-functional website, is your best choice. If you’d like to know about the difference in the two offers in detail, please click here to learn more.

WordPress: WordPress does not offer their own hosting. This means that you will need to need to choose a shared hosting web service provider and register with them first. Typically these providers also offer various plans depending on how many websites you’d like to have on your platform. Upon registration, you will have to option to select WordPress as your choice of design platform. Because everything is done through shared hosting, you will have to become knowledgeable on how to work though the back-end of your files to know how to navigate everything. However, depending on which platform you choose, customer assistance may be provided. If you choose WordPress, my top choice web host is Siteground. Plus, they offer domain registration. If you’d to learn more about Siteground, please click here.

Showit is Compatible With WordPress
When it comes to blogging, Showit’s blog posts will be managed from the WordPress platform. That may sound confusing, but Showit has adapted WordPress’s blogging system into theirs. So in other words, the design portion (how the blog looks, layout, and colors) will all be managed in Showit. However, the actual posts you write for your blog, blog categories, and the actual text size of the blog posts) will be managed from WordPress.
This may sound complicated for some because two different platforms have to be monitored, but it’s really not as intimidating as it sounds because everything is very organized.

If you have an existing WordPress blog and are looking to switch over to Showit, don’t worry because there is an option to migrate your existing blog posts from WordPress to Showit. If you’re a designer you know how convenient this is because no one wants to start over with new content and an a blank slate of SEO.

SLL Certificates & HTTPS Security
If you are not a designer, you may not be familiar with SSL certificates are or why they’re important. To put it simply, SSL’s give you website a very important and necessary layer of protection by securing your website each time a browser tries to connect. This is needed because you do not want visitors to be vulnerable to hacks or malware from your site. You will know a website is secure by the little padlock icon in your location bar. Once your website is secure, the protocol will change from http to https, notifying the browser that this is safe and secure website. An SSL is very crucial to have because otherwise your website may be prone to hacks and you can lose your website.
Showit: There is no extra cost for an SSL certificate.
WordPress: This will depend on who you chose as your shared web hosting provider, some offer an SSL certificate with hosting and others require an additional payment for SSL’s.

Showit: The back-end dashboard is very user-friendly with a drag-and-drop website builder. Basically, you can put anything anywhere you want which means you have full unleashed creativity to fashion any type of website design your wish to! Because of the drag-and-drop functionality, you do not need any prior knowledge of coding to design a website in Showit. Now that is innovative!

With that being said, Showit does not offer e-commerce capabilities on their platform. If your website requires e-commerce functionality for selling goods or services, you will need to use a third party source such as ThriveCart, Shopify or Podia.
WordPress: With WordPress, there are several different website builders you are able to install via the plug-ins sections. Is possible to build a beautiful website using the various plug-ins. You can use website builders such as Divi Theme, Beaver Builder, Elementor, or WP Bakery. Some plug-ins are free to use, but require payment for upgrades. However, I would like to note that when working in WordPress, prior knowledge of coding is not necessary, but knowing how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript does help for certain aspects of improving the design, functionality of elements, and for an overall more custom design. As well, it allows for a personal touch on the website.

WordPress does E-Commerce capabilities, however, it is a bit tricky because it is difficult to make WordPress PCI Compliant. PCI is basically the golden standard in ensuring that companies who conduct business online (selling goods or services), maintain a secure environment when it pertains to the collection of data from customers such as personal and payment information. Where it gets tricky is that WordPress is an open-source which makes it more easily vulnerable to bugs and hacks so there will be many steps you will be required to take to ensure that you have the highest level of security possible on your WordPress website.

Website Responsiveness
Showit: Something that is very different in Showit compared to WordPress is the mobile designing. With Showit, you have the ability to design the website’s mobile version completely different from the desktop version. This means that you will have to work on both versions of your website when designing each page, but you are able to fully customize everything to your liking so it has its perks. Compared to WordPress, the design process may take a bit longer because the mobile version will need to be developed separately.
WordPress: WordPress is convenient for responsiveness because the version created on the desktop will convert into a mobile version without you having to think it. The only time an issue arises would be if padding or extra margin space was added. However, if you’re using a website builder like Elementor, then you have the ability to customize the desktop, mobile, and iPad versions accordingly incase an image is cut off or looks distorted on a particular area.

Showit: As we mentioned in the compatibility comparison, all blogging on Showit will be done through WordPress. Showit’s team will connect the blog for you and you will be given a separate login. This may be a trade-off for some because it requires the maintenance of two separate platforms.
WordPress: WordPress is the most popular blogging platform available so you everything will be managed only on their interface.

Showit: Showit offers 3 different packages available on monthly terms or yearly billing.
Monthly payments are $19, $24, or $34 depending on the selected package.
Annual payments are $228, $288, or $408 depending on the selected package.
There are on extra costs for hosting or SSL certificates because those are both included with the purchase of all three Showit packages. This means you do not need to find a separate web host to connect to the Showit platform. Optional domain privacy protection is available for purchase from your domain registar.

WordPress: WordPress does not offer payment plans because they do not offer hosting. The platform of is free to use, but all the perks that come with creating a website for a business will only be available with In this case, separate web hosting will need to be purchased. Pricing depends on the selected host as there are many out there. Because I recommend Siteground for WordPress users, I will use their prices in comparison with Showit.

Siteground offers three separate package options currently priced at $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99. They also offer domain registration on their platform for which prices vary depending on the cost of the domain. Optional domain privacy protection is available for purchase for additional $12 a year.

If you’d like to learn more about why I recommend Siteground for those who have websites on the WordPress platform, please click here.

Beginner Friendly
Showit: Because zero coding knowledge is required for Showit, this is a great option for beginners. You basically are given a blank canvas and can create any website you wish to, without any limitations from coding.
As well, Showit has a wonderful resource library for tutorials and walk-through’s on the design platform.
WordPress: WordPress is a good options for beginners if a pre-made template is chosen. However, if you are looking to create a website from scratch just like in Showit, you will need to learn how to install plug-ins, how to use them, and how to use minimal coding to design the website.

Pre-Made Templates

Showit: Showit has a beautiful template shop full of designers from other fellow Showit designers! All of the designs are like a piece of work and there is something for everyone. There are free pre-made templates available and those available for purchase which range from $199.00 – $1,000.00. If you’d to check out the pre-made templates, please click here.
WordPress: WordPress is known for their enormous selection of pre-made templates. There is definitely a pre-made template available for everyone out there. Their platform has thousands of selections both free and for purchase available. As well, many designers put their pre-made website templates available for purchase on websites such as Template Monster or Envato Market. Just make sure you check that the template you like is compatible with a certain website builder if you have chosen use one, because they all offer different compatibility. You will need knowledge on how to download the templates to your computer and install them to WordPress, but all templates do come with detailed instruct to help guide you through the steps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Showit: Showit has built-in SEO capabilities so all webpages can be optimized without having to download a separate plug-in. However, if you choose to run a blog on your website, SEO for the blog will need to be managed through the Yoast plug-in on WordPress.
WordPress: Yoast is the most popular plug-in for optimizing pages on Worpdress. Yoast offers a free version which is honestly all you need for great optimization. Check this post out if you’d like to learn more about Yoast.

Website Maintenance

Showit: Something I really enjoy about using Showit is honestly the fact that I don’t have to update any plug-ins, the version of the platform I am using, or any purchase codes. The Showit team takes care of everything and you can put all of your focus on designing!
WordPress: When using WordPress, you’ll want to be on top of updates because they’re crucial to your website’s speed and performance. On some hosting platforms, you do have the option of selecting auto-update for the platform which I highly suggest you choose. Plug-ins will also need to be updated in order to avoid broken links or even worse, a broken website design, within your website.

Customer Support
Showit: Showit’s customer support team is absolutely fantastic. Showit offers live chat benefits on the back-end of the design interface. So, if you are designing and suddenly stumble into a problem you cannot solve, just shoot a chat to the team. I can honestly say I have never received such quick responses and high-quality customer support. I’ve worked on many different platforms, and Showit wins this one. They are also available by e-mail for all support.
As well I must mention…the amazing Showit community! Showit has created a Facebook group for all designers that is so encouraging and helpful to continue learning, growing, and asking questions in your design journey.
WordPress: WordPress does offer customer support, however, it is only be e-mail. As well, if you are purchasing a shared website hosting domain, you will most likely be reaching out to them for back-end issue assistance. As I’ve mentioned, Siteground is a wonderful option and their customer service is great! They offer live-chat, e-mail, and phone support. They typically respond within minutes and are always very helpful! Keep in mind, if you are purchasing a template from a third-party website and installing it into WordPress, the designer or seller of that template is who you will be contacting for any issues with it. So, this can get a bit confusing because really none of the customer support will occur straight through Wordress, it will almost always be the company you purchased hosting or the template from, depending on the issue you require you for. However, both template shops I mentioned do offer live chat and e-mail contact and typically respond within 24 hours.

As you can see, both platforms have their positives and negatives. Honestly, it really depends on what you are looking for and where you are in your design journey. If you are a website designer, consider what type of clientele you’d like to work with and choose a platform this way. There is no right or wrong, it’s really what you are comfortable with and see yourself creating outstanding designs with. We all have different requirements from the tools we work with to get the job done right. As well, if you are a client of a website designer and have been presented these two platforms options or a business owner trying to design on your own, then consider what your business goals are both short and long term. Consider your target audience and what type of functionality you require for the website. As well, consider your budget, but also keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t always mean better in the long run…we need to focus on efficiency and efficacy. If you have any questions or need help deciding which platform is best for your website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I’ll be glad to assist you the best that I can.

I’d love to know what platform you prefer working with? Showit or WordPress? Please leave a comment below with your experiences with the Show it or WordPress platform or any useful advice you have for designers who use these platforms.

Until next time,
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I'm Skaidra — Web designer and digital marketing strategist. 
I create distinctive brand and website designs for our clients, crafted with strategy and intention. It is my passion to help turn your personal dream into a powerful reality that tells a beautiful story of who you are and what you stand for.


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we are invisio studio— Web designers and digital marketing strategists. 
we create distinctive brand and website designs for our clients, crafted with strategy and intention. It is our passion to help turn your personal dream into a powerful reality that tells a beautiful story of who you are and what you stand for.

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